2018 may be the year to travel to Kauai, especially if you’re on a budget (and who isn’t). Several airlines are adding routes, so flight prices are expected to drop in response to the greater supply. But what will everything else cost? Where should you stay? Do you need a car? How many cars? How much will food cost? And what about the ACTIVITIES! How much will THOSE COST!?? You don’t want to go to HAWAII, a once-in-a-lifetime trip for many, and miss something SUPER SPECIAL!!!! *breathes heavily* So what’s the bottom line? Honestly, around $1,300 per person*, all in. That includes the plane ticket,Read More →

We’ve made the trek to Kauai probably 10 times now, during all seasons. In the beginning, we over packed each time. And each time we’d swear that we would do better next time and pack less stuff, more relevant stuff. When I pack my goal is to pack only the things I will use. To avoid baggage fees, I also want to be able to pack everything into one carryon size bag. The house has a washer and dryer, so the question is not “How long is the trip?” – instead, the question is “How often do I want to do laundry?”. My answer isRead More →