What's a Hele Hale?

"Hele"  and "hale" are Hawaiian words that translate roughly to "travel" and "house," but as you can see, the words also have a greater depth of meaning. Our Hele Hale is warm and inviting, the perfect home base for your Hawaiian adventures. 




  1. to move through space, travel
  2. to come or go
  3. to walk, especially from one place to another




  1. a house with walls and a roof
  2. a hospitable abode, a home
  3. a gracious host

About the Hosts

We are John and Jen Cooper, nice to meet you! We are verified Airbnb hosts with over one hundred positive reviews on Airbnb. We met while attending Trinity University, where we fell in love with the diverse and historic neighborhoods a couple of miles north of downtown San Antonio. We moved away for graduate school, jobs and family, but we have enjoyed visiting our college friends and old haunts in the years following our graduation in 2005. 

A couple of years ago we decided to invest in a vacation home so we could spend more time in our favorite place. We love mid century modern design and architecture, so we chose a little brick house built in 1946 with elements of a modern ranch home mixed with the traditional craftsman look so common in our "Almost Park" neighborhood. We spent more than a year carefully restoring the property - keeping the character of the home, but fully modernizing the kitchen and master bathroom. 

We have since fallen in love with all things designed and have renovated over a dozen homes and have several Airbnb properties, mostly in Texas and now in Hawaii! We live in Texas, and this is our personal vacation home. We can be contacted by phone, text message, or message through Airbnb. Please note that it is 4 or 5 hours later in Texas than in Hawaii (Hawaii does not observe Daylight Savings), so non-urgent messages sent after 5pm Hawaii time will be returned the next morning. We have an on-island contact for urgent matters, and you will be given his phone number prior to the beginning of your stay.

Property History

We started looking for a home to buy in Princeville in January, 2017. We made an offer on a house, but it wasn't meant to be, so we went back home to Texas to wait. A new house came on the market in early February. We wrote an offer sight-unseen, and booked a plane ticket to come see it in person. We were in love! We closed in March, and spent the next 8 months getting it ready to go! As you can see, we've made quite the impression!